Styling your Property

We take a holistic view: the total use of your property.

"A home is fluid, ever changing - the sum of the ages, stages and real life of people who live there... interior design and decoration must be flexible as well as aesthetic! This is key to Anne's styling philosophy - room by room.

Restyling - making old look new again

Re-styling means using what you've got. It's amazing how just by adding and subtracting pieces - we can change the character and use of the space. "Some of my favourite jobs have been when I've only used what's in the property" says Anne.

Art Styling

Art can define a space. Contempory interiors with natural light and big walls beg Décor Art. It's simple, fun and inexpensive! It gives immediate wow factor to corporate or residential walls and can give the signature to a room, without blowing the budget.

Styling Space can custom canvas to your colour scheme using established regional artists working with simple textured designs that suit your space and your budget. Ask us for more info.


Styling space provides competitively priced furniture and décor packages to suit your working and living environment.

We'll work with you and deliver simple solutions to solving your space, with flair and within your budget.

Ask us about our residential styling today.