Staging your Property - for sale

When we are 'staging' a property for sale - whether by auction or private sale - often just one day of styling can re-present the property and maximize it's selling potential. This kind of styling emphasises a property's architectural strengths and integrity.

"It's not what we put in to a property (hired furniture or décor pieces) but what we take out that makes the property sing" says Anne.

Ask us about our options for staging for sales by clicking here.

Styling your Work Place

Whether your work space is an elegant reception area or a converted warehouse office or retail store, the 'wow factor' and functionality of your space is vital for doing business.

Anne has transformed the interiors of café's, offices and retail stores. The results - stronger sales, rejuvenated customers and fabulous hard working interiors!

Styling Packages

Styling space provides competitively priced furniture and décor packages to suit your working and living environment.

We'll work with you and deliver simple solutions to solving your space, with flair and within your budget.

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